Monday, May 13, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. We had a cookout on Saturday at my brother’s to celebrate.
Today is the beginning of the Celtic Tree month of Hawthorn.

The full moon will come up on the 25th which is a Saturday. So we have a week yet before manifesting is at its peak for the month.
We are going to talk about my experiences with buying a house and Reiki and manifesting with the guides. Two weeks ago I put an offer on a house. The strange thing is, I’ve had my eye on this house for a while but never thought it would come on the market. Then when it listed and I couldn’t get in right away to do a walk through, I was so frustrated. I asked the angels to guard it for me and not let there be an offer on it until I could get in there and make one myself. The weekend went on and there were a few showings and I couldn’t get in until Monday evening due to my work schedule. More praying to Goddess, please let there be no offer so I can offer and get into a house of my own and have my sanity back. Well there wasn’t an offer and I offered!
Then I stressed out all night and the next day. I again prayed to the guides, angels and God and Goddess to please let this be my out. The next afternoon I got the call that they accepted my offer! This weekend I was there for an inspection and really it wasn’t until this weekend when I was in the house and fell in love with it. So what does this have to do with Reiki and guides? Manifesting and timing.

I have been manifesting the last 6 months, so 6 full moon cycles on not just a three bedroom, but a three bedroom or a two bedroom with a room that could be used as a third. Something with a yard for the dog, a garage for my car and a good roof and good appliances so that I wouldn’t need to replace anything major for a while. Well the house I offered on falls into all that. So keep manifesting and it will eventually come forth!

My car was the same way. I told the universe I needed all the comfort items the PT had and I needed the payment to be ‘blah blah’ number. It happened. Only the light of God did shine down on the car as it sat at the dealer and it was the entire seen of Getting the band back together with John Bleushi from the Blues Brothers.
So how will Reiki fit in? Well, I will be protecting the property. We will talk about this in another blog with steps so that you can do the same. I will be using Reiki to charge the house for positive vibrations. Now this I’m going to research a bit before I write about it. There are a few ways I’ll go about this or a combination of all of them. I’ve read of people painting Reiki symbols on the wall when they paint. I might have to try this. Then I was thinking of using maybe an essential oil to draw the symbols in the corners of the rooms or maybe just the four corners of the house. We’ll see. By putting Reiki throughout the house, you are kicking the vibrations up in the house creating a healing space which also protects your home from lower vibrational energy from entering. What does that mean?  No lower entity zone. Ghost and energy that aren’t for your highest good cannot enter. It also clears the house of the previous owner’s energies.

I have plans to also use Reiki in the yard. There are a few small trees that need to be pulled up so I’ll use Reiki in the ground as I pull the trees out. I also have planters on the deck that need to be dug out and then lined with plastic and put back. So again I’ll be using Reiki in those to help the plants recover as I protect the wood of the planters. So there will be a lot more to share on how Reiki can be used in setting up your house.
If you have a topic idea for a future blog please let me know. I’d be happy to tackle it for you!

Have a great week everyone.

Blessings All,

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