Monday, December 30, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

This year New Year’s Eve is on the New Moon. What all does that mean? Well let’s recap what the New Moon means to our energy. Now I know we do this every month, but let’s go over it and then tie it to the New Year falling on the same night.

The “new moon” what’s it all mean? Well, physically in the sky it is the start of the moon growing to its fullest. It’s the first night of the waxing moon cycle. It is a time to release everything that is no longer serving your highest good. The new moon signals a time for new beginnings and opening new doors. For me, the new moon is a time to honor that which no longer serves my highest good. I usually write out what it is I want released from my energy and ask the universe to bless, heal, and return it to a more positive form. Then I say a little prayer of “Thanks” for helping me to see the lessons I had to learn from whatever it is I’m releasing, so that I can bring in new. There is no right or wrong way to do a ritual to release and let go of your past.

The New Year is traditionally a time to shut the door to the old year and anything in it you wish to leave. People traditionally use this time to think about what they want to bring into the New Year and do some goal setting. 

From what I’ve been reading we are in this shift of energy. I’m going to go out on a limb here and invite you all to comment on what I’m about to present with this time of year and this new moon coming this week.

Christmas energy is usually difficult for me to handle because the veil thins out like it does at Halloween but for a longer period of time. But this year has been different. Strange things have been going. Now I know strange for me has to be out there because of all that I do in my life but things have been happening and I’m wondering if any psychics and healers who read this can chime in and shed some light. As of now I’m chalking it all up to the energy coming in when we all change to 2014. I have had activity in my home. Now I know there is nothing paranormal in my home but it’s been kinda Ghost Whisperish with energies popping in and out. Then around Christmas I get slammed with past relationship energy hard. So on advice from friends who are intuitive healers I’ve started to ask myself this one question and follow through with it: “Is this for my highest good?” I’ve used this to release people who are not, and when I think of them or get hit by memories or energy then I pose the question to myself again and bless the lesson and move on. 

I am wondering if this hard core releasing of energy that doesn’t serve the highest good is an intense cleansing for what is to come in with the New Year? 

Answer or theory anyone?

Happy New Year All and Blessed New Moon.


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