Monday, January 6, 2014

Mystic Monday

Happy New Year All!   

I hope your new year kicked off with an amazing start. I started off with a releasing of “not for my highest good” ritual because of the new moon. I made my list and as I sat to meditate offered up to the moon and angels all my past relationships that no longer serve my highest good. I have also been working on my heart chakra and bringing down some of the walls around it that I put up for protection over the years.

Why am I sharing this? Because Savannah and I were talking New Year’s Day about none other than men, relationships, and energy and well, just being done with it all and the bull poopy. So I offer up some of our ideas during this phone conversation because Savannah herself stated, “This would make a fantastic blog topic”. So here it is.

Yep, sometimes I have a good idea : )

Let me tell you a story, circle round and get comfortable. A while ago I went to my friend Tami who helps me with healing sessions. She said it’s time to work on your heart chakra and when you take down the walls things will happen for you. I was once again disconnecting from a man (long distance thing with past life connections). And during this session another man (friend with benefits) came up in the session for me to deal with as well. Now, in the session I severed ties across all space and time with the two and learned that I need to take care of me and that I deserve better than what I was or had been settling for with these two. So I left the session with some good insight and one of the walls I had put up coming down. But I had homework to do. I talked to Savannah after that session and her advice was to block the “long distance guy” from my phone so if he called I’d never know it. Well, I’m not one to do that so I didn’t and eventually he called and we started a circle of on and off, talking and not. Now “guy friend” also had to be broken off from because as Tami put it “The universe won’t give you better if you keep accepting the “not up to par guy”. By continuing to go out and have fun with this guy you are telling the universe you are settling for “it’s just okay”.”  But see that’s not what I want. So where am I going with all this?….

Well it all leads to my conversation today with Savannah. See over Christmas I had a text with “distance guy” and my ending text was I’m done. Now, we didn’t fight and it wasn’t a bad text conversation between us two; it’s just well I’m a Leo it’s time to buck up and be done….why? Because I had also talked with Tami this week and her words were, “Is he truly for your highest good? Does he make you happy more than he makes you cry?” Ask yourself the same for any relationship you are struggling with.
So getting back to Savannah and I. On the phone I was venting and thinking out loud about a recent guy who I’ve known for years and Savannah is like “Hon, why not just block the fucktards from your phone? Again that way if any of them call, you don’t have to know.”  

My thinking for telling her that was, because I love and care for Wendy. I hate seeing her go through the range of emotions every time one of these men contacts her, only to leave her feeling disappointed yet again. To me it would be easier to not have to deal with them at all, instead of allowing them to wiggle their way back into her life momentarily. I myself am guilty of letting people back into my life that don’t serve my highest good. What Wendy said next is what sparked me thinking people need to know this! She told me that was the easy way out. That you can’t learn the life lesson if you take a cop-out route. That was my Ah-Ha moment!

And I said, “Well first I’m not just going to block someone from calling me unless the person is a major pain in the ass and stalker. Second, I just keep telling myself he’s not for my highest good right now. He’s not. (We were talking about “distance guy”). 

She’s like, “Will you take him back?” I said, “You know it’s like this, I have been working hard on my heart chakra and opening to sending and receiving love right? And I’ve been pulling him out of my heart chakra and releasing his energy so that I can heal and move on. Filling what I’ve pulled out of my heart chakra with unconditional love within the universal life force energy or white light of the Divine.” Then I remembered Tami saying the Universe will test you to see if you got the lesson. So I said to Savannah, “What if he does call? I can’t block his number because if he calls could it be the universes way of testing me to see if I learned what I was supposed to?” Will I answer and talk to him? Well maybe. And if I do, does that mean I fail the lesson? Depends I guess on what happens if I answer the call if he calls. If I keep in mind the universe will only give me what I continue to accept, will it hurt to answer and say “no” rather than not answer at all?

I should add in here that while we were talking, I asked why do we keep letting these people back in time after time? You’d think we’d learn after at least them doing the same thing twice! Wendy pointed out because we are caring women who want to believe that they will change or that this time things will be different. We want to see the good in everyone. That somehow maybe they learned whatever their life lesson is, thereby changing things for the better. 

And if he calls maybe I say, hey, are you ready to step it up? Do you deserve me and if you think you do then show me? As far as “friend guy with benefits” that’s been going on for a long time… done. Why? Because I want the guy who will step up to the plate and be my life long partner in crime J  
I’m learning a lesson and testing the

To wrap it all up... 

Heart Chakra: Located in the center of your chest. Color is green. It is responsible for your emotions and love. This is the love you have for yourself and for others. But how can any of us expect someone to love us if we have problems loving our self? I read a line in a Christopher Penczak book today and I quote: “Love must start with the self before it can move out to others.” Page 212 of,  The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. I came across it while looking up some heart chakra information.

Work on yourself to raise your vibrations to match your perfect match. Ask yourself “Is this for my highest good?” If not, let it go… something better will come along.
I hope this gets you all thinking, or even gives you an “Ah-Ha” moment.

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Blessings All,

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