Monday, January 20, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Can you believe January is almost over?  Holy Schnikes!

January 21st through February 17th is the Celtic Month of Rowan.
Rowan can assist you with protection from lower energies. Rowan can help give you inspiration when working on projects or ideas. Having problems meditating or seeing the outcome of a problem? Call on Rowan to help clear your mind.

Okay, what where we discussing last week? Ah yeah, manifesting with the full moon. Did you remember to make your list of what you wanted brought into your life? You should also be spending a few minutes a day putting it out to the universe so that you are focusing your energy on what you want and matching vibrations with it so that it can come into your life. 

Savannah called with an idea and we’ll roll with it. We’ve discussed how to manifest and her question is how do we sit tight and wait for it all to happen?  Look at the things in your life and what you have manifested already. There is no time limit on when things will happen. Also you are going to get what you put out. What does this mean? When you are worrying, then negative will come back. Yet, its human nature to worry so how do you get over the worry and trust that the universe will provide is something you will have to work out for yourself. There is no magical combination of things I can tell you that will work. However, you can replace the worry with the question, “How does it get any better than this?” and again the universe will have to answer you in its time. 

You can also, when you find yourself worrying, tell yourself cancel that thought and then think of what it is you want and see yourself with it already. Remember with manifesting ask for what you want and be specific. I want a new Ford Escape with 20,000 miles or less, and it needs blah, blah and payments of $250. If you say I need a car and don’t spell it out you may be presented with something you never would have considered at a price you may be stretched out to afford and then grab it because it’s in your time frame.

It took me over a year and a half to find my house. I spelled it out and told my broker what I needed for payments. My agent would try to push homes out of my price at me and my broker would say,  you’ve stuck to your guns all this time are you sure you want to sign on this house when it’s $300 out of your comfort range?  And I’d say no. Finally a home in my little price range came up and I called on it. We looked and I put an angel on the porch to make sure no one else could take it. I offered and it was just as big as I needed and some grant money fell in my lap and low and behold the payment came in under what I had been asking the universe to produce. I went crazy all the time I had been looking for my house and got down on myself and all that jazz, but it did come through. 

So chin up and have a little faith in the universe to provide what you are asking for.

Now, if you are as stir crazy as I am because of this subzero winter, here are some things you can try to lift your spirits. I try to burn essential oils that will cheer me up. I do like dragon’s blood, lavender, and amber just to name a few. I also try to smudge with Palo Santo to help raise not only my vibrations, but that of the house as well. You can feel the difference and it helps snap you out of that “yuck” feeling stumper.

Blessings All,

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