Monday, March 17, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I did a little looking around on the net to see if I could find a little more solid information on Saint Patrick than what I knew, which is pretty limited to green, shamrocks, beer and a never ending day of parties and parades.

So this is what I found on Wikipedia. The patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick lived from 385-461 AD. March 17th is actually his death date. In the early 17th century the day became a day of celebration. Saint Patrick is known for converting the Irish pagans to Christianity. The Shamrock became a symbol due to Saint Patrick using a three leaf shamrock to teach the Trinity to the pagans. Lent restrictions are lifted for the day and feasting and alcohol are abundant for the day to celebrate. 

So there is a little more information than what I knew. 

Spring Equinox or Ostara is Thursday. So Happy Ostara! It is on this day we celebrate the Lady and the returning of the light and the promise of Spring. On this day the Lady is still a maiden and not connected to a man or a child. She is free to be. The colors of Ostara are pastels: blue, yellow, green and pink. You can use a bonfire in your ritual, or plant a seed. 

Yesterday was the full moon. I hope everyone did their manifesting!

This week there are no words of wisdom or topics of love. Savannah wanted me to discuss why some things manifest more quickly than others. Well, I have no idea other than it may all boil down to Divine timing. 

This week I had a few situations present themselves and to the stalker who may or may not read this blog this week, I have learned from you to keep my opinions to myself when I do not know someone well and I have learned that not everyone should be allowed on one’s personal social media pages. I could go off on a lot of subjects with this but I’ve learned to shut up… so I’m shutting up.

The other lesson I learned this week is that often things repeat in your life because you are to learn maybe not from them, but to break patterns that keep you repeating the situation. This is something I think I need a brick to the head for because once again this situation comes up from time to time and I just can’t seem to get the dang thing right. 

And with that I leave you all thinking!

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Ostara!

Blessings All,

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