Monday, March 24, 2014

Mystic Monday

Sunday the 30th is the New Moon. Time to release everything in your life that does not serve your highest good. Just like manifesting this is a great time to write out your list of things that are not helping you on your path. Let it all go. Burn your list under the New Moon.

Let’s talk a little about Reiki today since it’s been awhile since we’ve gone there.
Did you know that Reiki can be used in non-healing situations? Now most of my clients call me for Reiki sessions to help them either get through something, or physically help with pain. But, Reiki can assist with the process of dying, crossing over, and grieving loved ones.

This weekend I had the chance to see my grandmother who has taken a turn on her path to get her a little closer to home and crossing over. For us the family, this is a hard thing to see and I really have no clue how my mom and her siblings deal with seeing my grandmother almost child-like as she sits on the couch in “the home” speaking of things nobody has any clue of. As I sat at her feet and she held my hands I began to channel Reiki. She had been picking at her hands before I sat down. As she held one hand and played with my ring, I channeled Reiki and held my other hand at her feet. I was pretty shocked as to how strong the flow was and how much energy I was pulling out of her. She soon began to just sit and not fidget so much. My aunt walked in and then grandma took her hands and when I stopped she began to fidget again for a bit but fell asleep and we ended up leaving. 

Dying, Grief, and Reiki 

Reiki can help calm and assist a loved one who is near to their time crossing over. 

Reiki can connect your crossing over loved one with their spirit team to help them cross peacefully and with confidence. Reiki can also help the family through the grief they can feel with the crossing over of their loved one. During some sessions, information can come through from everyone’s guides to help make the transition for the entire family. 

Personally, I have used Reiki to help patients cope with the negative side effects from medications given to fight a disease. I’ve used Reiki to infuse objects with the healing energy that when kept around a patient, help the patient cope with the effects of their terminal disease. I’ve seen the peace Reiki brings to a frightened animal as it crosses over. I’ve used the distance symbol to connect with a pet that was crossing over and was able to give the owner some last instructions from the beloved pet. 

Reiki has taught me some pretty amazing things. I’ve done amazing things through my ongoing studies with Reiki and energy. 

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Have an amazing week.

Blessings All,

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