Monday, May 5, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

First, I want to plug Kristin’s Riverwalk in Steven’s Point. If you have not been to Kristin’s you need to go and check out her line up of craft beer. I had a great crispin blackberry pear beer this weekend. She has about 16 different craft beers on tap…stop in and check them out!

Also after Mother’s Day she will have copies of Mystic Monday the Book to sell. So if you are in Central Wisconsin and don’t want to pay shipping, go get a copy from Kristin’s Riverwalk. Tell Kristin I say “Hi”.

So has anyone else been crazy with the energy last week? I had a not-so-great experience last week with someone stepping out of my life. It pretty much happened in time with the new moon and then Beltane was the day I took to recover. I went up to the Conservatory in St. Paul to sit around all the plants and soak up the energy, ground, and release as much as I could from my scattered brain and energy. There is nothing like sitting with plants and trees to work your energy over and kick your attitude up a notch. 

With all that said let’s jump into Nemeton Energy System because it’s all about healing with trees and Mother Earth energies. Perfect now that some of us are finally seeing green grass and budding trees.

Nemeton Energy System came about as I was sitting up at the conservatory a few years ago. I had heard from the guides that I should bring in the healing energy from the trees and rocks I had grown up with as a child in Upper Michigan. While sitting by the lady slipper flowers I began having visions of symbols and energies to use. Lady Slipper was actually one of the first energies to present itself for assistance to the problem I was dealing with at that time. When I arrived home that night I contacted my friend Vicky in England to help me out with some of the energy that was presenting. We pulled some Celtic plants and herbs into it and I was guided to use some of the symbols borrowed from the runes in order to connect with the energy of a specific plant. The system took off and is catching on in England with the pagan population and new energies are always being channeled through students over there. The energy of parsley came through to Robert in England as he was meditating one night. I find this energy to be very helpful with problems related to PMS and female issues. If you are someone who spends a great deal of time in nature, this system will help you get in touch with the energy of Mother Earth, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish when working with nature and the nature spirits.

Okay, I want to say a quick thing about fairies. I usually do not see or sense fairies, however this week while sitting with the plants I was introduced to two. One was all in green and the other in white and gold. Both were there to help heal my heart charka. Now, I know fairies get the bad rap now and then, and yes, they can be very mischievous, but they are very helpful in healing; so if they should come to you while you are doing a healing on yourself, ask for their assistance. The fairies will also help you with your injured or sick pets so again ask for their help. To attract fairies in your home or yard keep plants and flowering plants around. They love yards filled with flowering bushes, flowering plants, and roses.

Speaking of pets, did you know that Reiki works on your pets? I have done a few readings and Reiki sessions with dogs. Some worked via distance with photos of the dog, but most have been in person. Working on a dog or any other animal is just like working on a person. If the animal looks like it’s a bit uneasy with you being close and in its space, you can sit and simply channel Reiki from the middle of the room or at a distance from the animal. You use the “beaming” technique, which is facing your palms towards the animal and send the energy to the pet. Once the animal is comfortable with the energy, you can slowly close the space and work in the pet’s aura. I have also attuned blankets and dog beds to Reiki energy so that the energy stays with the pet as long as the pet needs it. 

Have a great week!

Blessings All,

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  1. Hey All, The Mystic Monday facebook page needs some comments. I had originally started the page to enhance the blog and push the book. Well it's gotten away from that and has had little action so let's all fix that. I posted a quick question about meditation, please share and comment on it and let's get the Mystic Monday facebook page going as a place for us to learn from each other. Many Blessings, Don't forget full moon Wednesday night. Wendy