Monday, May 12, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Well I hope all you mothers out there had an awesome day yesterday. I was driving home from central Wisconsin where I spent the weekend with one of my boys and my parents. Stopped in and saw my grandma. It was all good.

 Dates you need to know:

May 13th begins the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn.


Wednesday is the Full Moon. So get out your list for manifesting!

What to talk about this week? Well, a few of us have been going through love issues. I am so not going to give any kind of advice on this as I am no expert when it comes to love.

Let’s look at it form a soul growth view point. A person comes into your life and you connect with that person and a relationship forms over some time, or even instantly (karma) . Let’s say for some time that relationship grows and choices are made and then that person may just exit your life. Is it you? Did you do something wrong? Most likely—not

Sometimes people get scared and bolt, or maybe the person wasn’t ready for what you want or heck, maybe you two are just on different paths. So instead of doing what we all do and look at what it is that we did or didn’t do, what if we stepped back and asked what did I learn from this person when I was with them? 

Think about your life chart. The lessons you plan for your soul to learn. Now, the people that are in your life are there to help you learn these things and you are in their lives to learn or teach them something. Think about the relationship you are in or have recently got out of. What did you learn? What did that person bring into your life? 

Think of even the little things. How were you treated? It’s time I start looking at things this way as well. I need to take a bit of advice I learned a long time ago and make my list of characteristics of things I would like to have in a guy. I also need to take advice and look at what I have learned from past relationships. Now, here is where I pass on some things that I’ve read and been reminded of lately. 

Be the love you would like to attract. Start being the person you wish was with you. Work on yourself. Yes, work on yourself! I’m in this process. What do I mean? Well, from what I’ve been told from other healers, take this time to work on your energy, and balance. Find what makes you happy. You can’t be happy with someone else if you are not happy. I learned this year that I don’t need someone to make me happy or bring happiness into my life. Only I can truly make me happy.

So when you are going through all the stuff we go through because of a relationship, take a breath and another one, then ask, “what have I learned or what did I teach?”  And then work on you.

This week I leave you with that. It’s the Full Moon and it’s time to manifest what we wish to bring into our lives and work on ourselves to raise our vibrations to match what we would like brought in.

Good luck! I have my work cut out for me as well this week. Ah homework….lol

Blessings All,

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