Monday, May 19, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

I am sitting here at the computer knowing what I wanted to write, and not sure now what to write as I just found out my grandmother has made the journey to the other-side and crossed over. So please excuse me if I start to wonder off while writing.

A lot has been going on in my life and I’m wondering if someone will learn from my lessons from the past few months. Let me just say this as I don’t know if I can shorten the story and make it generic. One never knows where the actions of a person like this will lead, I encourage you to learn to defend yourself. Not just spiritual protection, but physically learn to defend yourself in whatever way you are comfortable. I will say there is nothing more empowering than the knowledge of being able to handle yourself if situation came up where you needed to defend yourself or your children. A wise man once told me trust should be earned and not blindly given. Point taken. I am a person, who trusts someone pretty easy. Well, after everything one person has put me through so far this year, I will think twice about that.

All of this comes from the feeling of being more in control and empowered after a class I took Saturday. I’m not going to go into what it was about other than self-defense and getting comfortable with my control. 

Now, spiritually I have learned a thing or two these past few weeks for protection as well so let’s go there. I have done some of this and know people that have used these ideas even when I haven’t, so I present these ideas from other intuitive practitioners and myself . I highly recommend the book, “The Witch’s Shield” by Christopher Penczak. He is one of my favorite authors and very easy to read. There are many good ideas in this book.

At an expo I heard of the mirror pendant. You simply wear a small mirror as a necklace with the intent that the energy of the person you are having issues with be bounced back to where it came from, thus protecting you from their energy. I’ve had a friend at an expo explain how some intuitive practitioners will keep a sponge in their pocket with the intent the sponge will soak up all the negative energy that is shot their way.

Along these lines there are hematite rings that are pretty cheap out there at stores usually on counters in a basket you can buy for protection. I see them mostly at tourist shops and the local metaphysical shop. You again clear the ring and give it the intent to protect you from harmful energy. I’ve been told that if the ring cracks or breaks then it has protected you from a major attack and should be replaced as soon as possible.

One healer I know of had a stalker and she passed on the information that, not only did she meditate on having his energy return to him, but put his name in a ziplock bag and put the bag in her freezer to chill him out. After having done this he has calmed his efforts, although he is still there. 

There is also a meditation you can do where you visualize the person you are having issues with and you set mirrors around them with the reflection side facing them to bounce there hateful energy back to them before it leaves.

The most simple is to include in your daily meditations that the person who is bothering you be surrounded in healing light and that the angels remove the person from your life after you have placed whatever other protection you are using. I know it is hard, but forgiveness is the key to a higher level, a lesson I learn over and over because it’s hard for me to do as I am a Leo and you all know those of us born under Leo will fight until there is no more fight left in us, and it is hard for us to let go of what has been done to us. I saw a post from a friend that said, Forgiving the person doesn’t mean you have to hang out and party with them. You can also forgive the person and not the act. Again, this is all something I, too, am learning and have not mastered and may very well not master in a long time. 

Then again after all this spiritual protection and barriers we do live in a physical world so learning to defend yourself physically is never a bad idea.

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Because of family matters and Memorial Day there will not be a blog next week. Until the next Mystic Monday!

Blessings All,

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