Thursday, May 29, 2014

Robin Renee Ray strikes again!

Everyone knows I am a HUGE fan of bestselling, award winning author, Robin Renee Ray! In fact, whenever I get the chance I shout how amazing her writing is and that I LOVE her Bloodbreeders series. Which is exactly why I’m here!

Robin has now released the fourth book, Bloodbreeders: Lies Beneath London, in this incredible series. This is nothing like any vampire tale I have read, and trust me when I say it’s NOT for the squeamish! This extraordinarily talented author has once again left me hanging on the very last word, anxiously awaiting book five! Ughhhhh, the anticipation is killing me!

Here is a look at Bloodbreeders: Lies Beneath London, a little tempting reading never hurt anyone!

The time had finally come for Renee to face the one thing that she had searched for, even more, than those who met their demise at the end of her blade. What else will she find in the dark, dank, tunnels under the city of London, England? What lies beneath its depths other than the sinister occurrences of its long past?

Dealing with seeing her maker for the first time, Renee soon finds out that the evils of London are not the only thing causing her to question; not only the order of power in the city and their deeds… but, the ways of her beloved, Martin.

Most in the small bloodbreeder group know they have to use more mental strategy than their weapons if they are to gain control of the entire surrounding area, but others disagree. If any harms an innocent, let the punishment fit the crime. How many will pay with their dark lives for the unthinkable acts done in the secrecy of night?

I knew the smell was getting thicker. It was a scent that my senses would never be rid of, but actually seeing the stacked up bodies, decaying one on top of another was a different story altogether. Each, in many different stages of decomposition, showed the length of time this area had been used for a human dumping ground. It was also all one needed to bend over and lose the contents that were boiling in a sea of eruptive acid.
I was cleaning my mouth with the back of my hand, desperately willing the next wave of nausea to pass by without turning the liquid left in my belly upside down again, when I noticed Jacob, the man of steel, heaving with his back turned to the room, having faced the gore of bodies dead on…no pun intended. He stood up, leaned on the wall, and then looked back, asking, “Who wants to go first?” It was that statement that churned the last stomach remains and I lost it right there, getting old blood on Gavin’s feet. He took in a deep breath of air, which was the wrong thing to do, and turned throwing up on the wall behind him.
“Is there no other way?” Tanda asked, holding the bottom of her shirt over the entire lower half of her face.
“If we want to go all the way back and let them see us coming through the front door,” Jacob replied, looking a little green around the gills. “I do not want to do this either, but it will make us more appealing to the ones we come across.”
“I plan on killing ‘em, not impressing them with how putrid I can get,” Sydney added, with us all nodding in agreement.
 Cates growled out a guttural roar and charged into the unbelievably thick layers of blood, bone and flesh with the worse thing of all being the slime that was making its own lake of decaying body fluids that was several feet into where we now stood. There were sounds of sliding in the remains of others, the grinding of his huge legs breaking through soft tissue, and crunching bone ringing out, as Cates forced his massive form into and over the mound that was just as wide as it was thick.
“Climb my back, but do not use my head,” he spoke softly. “Sentries, about a hundred yards away, don’t think they’re breeders, but who could tell by the senses.” Then he glared back. “Will I be like this until I join the dead’s placement…move!” 

And in case you’re one of the few who hasn’t read any of the Bloodbreeders’ books, now is your chance to get started!


I also want to mention Robin Renee Ray 
has also just released her warped tale  
After Hours

Day in and day out Jeanette, better known to her friends as Jen, did what she was told to do every work day. A boring repetitious routine of cubical bullshit. After hours, however, had become a different form of lifestyle since the night she had been bitten by a ‘She-Demon’ that came from for the depths of Hell itself.

Unfortunately there were things that Jen would have to do to earn her hellish wings to truly become the Right-Hand to her new earth bound Demon Queen. And no longer have to deal with the world where she had to go by the rule of nine to five. The question is…can she use her sensual side and take the lives of those who corrupt the world, and then commit that one final act and find the will to kill an innocent…or will the strands of her humanity cause her to remain in between the two worlds forever?

 If you’d like to know more about Robin Renee Ray you can find her at any of the following links…


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