Monday, June 16, 2014

Mystic Monday

Well I was wondering where to start with this blog and what to write since I’m a little late in writing today as I was out with a girlfriend and made some new friends today. So I think I will call this blog “Patio Talk”  inspired by Kristin and the guys today. (Remember I write these things on Sunday…lol Savannah is wondering where the heck is that blog, dang that girl is late getting it to me.) **Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking too when I started yawning and noticed the time, lol.

So here goes “Patio Talk” (random everything and anything)

Dates you should know this week:  Ah, Saturday is Summer Solstice….Love it!
First day of Summer and 1 year of me in my house! Amazing!!

Celebrate the day with life. On summer solstice we have the longest day of the year. Get out and enjoy and celebrate the sun. This is traditionally a day to celebrate life. It is a celebration of Mother Goddess and the new life she carries. Enjoy your day.

Some topics that came up to throw out there:

Past lives:

In general we all have them if that is what you believe. Past lives are the foundation  builders of this life and the stepping stones to which your soul becomes evolved. When you are on the other-side with your guides and loved ones you figure out a life chart of the lessons you will teach others and the lessons you will learn from others. So it would only seem right that your learning may take a few lifetimes to get a lesson perfected. Feeling an instant like or dislike to someone could stem from a past life relationship you had with that person. Usually our family members travel with us from life to life in what is called a soul group. Close friends are also in this soul group. I have a friend in central Wisconsin who I talk to here and there, but at one time we were very close, and when we talk now she still knows me better than anyone on the planet. When I had a past life regression she was my nanny in a life time where my family had royal connections. A past life regression is when a therapist or a person trained in guided meditation talks you through a meditation that allows you to access your soul memories of other life times. Never are you put under and not in control of what you are saying or seeing and you are always safe.


Yes, pets cross over. Yes, pets can see ghosts and feel energy. Reiki can be very successful with animals. I have a black lab that is a Reiki junkie. She loves when I do Reiki on her. Now some animals, just like people, aren’t all about Reiki or energy sessions. My border collie is like this. She doesn’t really like when I try to give her Reiki. So I do self-sessions and if she wants to lay by me and take advantage of the energy then she can when she wants.


Ghosts hang out— if they do not cross over— at places or with things that had some meaning to them when they were alive. Usually a ghost will not hang out at a cemetery all day watching who comes and goes. Some may, but not likely. Places of mass death can be haunted by the ghosts of people who are confused and stay stuck there because they may not know they’re dead. (Battlefields, or say a place of a murder).

Now this may confuse you, but spirits that have crossed over can pop back over to this side to check on you or help you through a tough time that is entirely different than a ghost that moves your stuff around or bangs on your doors or whatever. Your grandma may come to you during a time in your life when you are in need of her. She may leave you signs, say of something in a place where you’d least expect it to be. Like a coin in the middle of the floor and you do not ever have cash around would be a sign. 


Is a form of energy work that can help release energy blocks within the body and can be used to then relieve pain and stress. It is not hard to learn and is a very gentle form of energy healing that can open many doorways for you.
There are symbols to help you access the energy you wish to work with and there is an attunement processes one must go through to receive Reiki from a Master. The attunement aligns the chakras of the student, preparing the student to be a clear channel for the universal life force energy.

Reiki can be done hands on, where the Reiki practitioner touches the client’s body or it can be received by the client hands off. Hands off is where the Reiki practitioner hovers their hands a few inches above the client’s body to channel the universal life force energy. One is not better than the other; Reiki flows the same. I practice hands off, because it’s easier for me to feel the client’s energy if my hands are above rather than on the body.

Well folks that takes us through another week. If there is a topic you would like to discuss let me know. You can email me at
I will be in the UP of MI this 4th of July. I have a few openings for Reiki sessions and reading for July 5th in the morning. We may even do a Ghost investigation of the Oak Street Inn up in Calumet. If you are interested please contact me.

Mystic Monday the book is still on sale at Kristin’s River walk in Stevens Point, WI. Stop in and grab a copy and hey, say hi to Kristin for me. Oh hey, Check out her new tap line up too! 

Blessings All,

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