Monday, June 9, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Well it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Western Wisconsin and I am sitting out on my deck enjoying the sun while I write this blog. I always write on Sunday so that Savannah has time to edit and add all the amazing pictures she finds. Today we are going to go a different direction and talk about being happy and finding happiness within ourselves, but first as always let’s get some dates out of the way.

Tuesday June 9th is the Celtic Tree Month of Oak. Love oak energy. If you are a student of Nemeton Energy System you know the amazing power of the strength of oak. This awesome tree has lent me the strength to get myself through many times I’ve needed emotional support. Oak is also an excellent energy for doing energy work on people who are in the hospital and in need of strength.

Get your manifesting list out! The Full Moon is out on Friday the 13th!  So okay, Friday the 13th is usually looked at as bad, right?  But if it’s a full moon and full moon is the high energy night for bringing in positive, well then, put a positive spin on the day and the moon will help out! I’ll have to try that as I get caught up in my everyday problems and just getting through the day like everyone else.

Now let’s chat “Happy”.

For the last—oh I don’t know— year, I’ve had a lot happen. I’ve bought a house of my own, I’ve had a man that I was very much connected to leave and just drop off the face of the earth. Course the two of us have had our own stuff to work out. I’ve tried online dating which hasn’t exactly panned out. I’ve had my friend Tami from BodyLab keep me in check and remind me to work on the crap that I need to get out of the way so that better can come in. I have learned finally that only I can make me happy. What does that mean?

Well, I’ve learned that any other person cannot make me happy, that I am responsible for creating my happy. Ha… Tami I learned something! I have learned and I still work on balancing my energy to create happy. What does that mean?  Well when I remember, (yes I fall off the wagon and do not practice meditation every day), I am human, I sit in meditation and focus on my charka that I am working on. Lately it’s been the heart chakra. Now believe me, I have a lot of work to do but knowing I have made it a year on my own and coming to terms with staying home by myself has helped me find happy. And unlike Billy Crystal in City Slickers, I didn’t need a weekend of being a cowboy in Colorado to find my smile. Although that would have been fun I think…lol…I don’t know why that popped in my brain. 

I can’t tell you how to find your happy but I can share a little of how I maintain mine. I made a rule that one day each weekend my car stays parked. I stay home. This is something I learned from Tami. It’s okay to not be going all the time. I’m on the road everyday to get to my day job so keeping the car parked a day or two on the weekend has become a blessing. Today taking an afternoon to sit on my deck and do nothing….okay, well not “nothing” as my brain is thinking of the new book I’m going to write and I’m getting this done. But being out here and seeing what I have to do in my yard yet this year, and what I have done makes me feel happy. Listening to the birds makes me happy. I’m just being and not focused really on anything = happy. I would have said “bored” a few months ago.

To find happy find your balance, that’s all I got for you. When you get stressed do what un-stresses you. If I’m real stressed it means I need a walk in nature then I feel better and able to deal with the stressor. If I’m scared, I’m not at peace or I don’t feel safe so I need to find something to do that makes me feel safe or empowered. A day with my new hobbie of shooting can cure that real quick!

I want you all to know I do not live like some kind of guru. I am human and I live as such. I like a cold beer on a weekend after a day of hard yard work. I get into cycles of not meditating or listening to guidance. I love chocolate. I am not a vegetarian, nor do I diet. Why?  I can’t. LOL . What am I? I am someone who has experience and knowledge on being psychic and connected to the other side. I am a healer and fall on that background of being a Reiki practitioner. I was raised Catholic and when I’m scared I turn to what I know, my guides and Mother Mary. I do not consider myself a witch, I do not consider myself Christian so much anymore, although I do cling to some of it. How I define myself makes me happy. So figure out you. What makes you, well… you?  What makes you sad and what makes you happy. Then just be. Hard yes I know. But I have learned if you can’t love yourself as you are, then how can you love someone else and how can you expect them to love you back? Happy is what you create. Follow your inner voice and do your homework to find out what keeps you happy. Balance in life is a constant struggle. I might be busy one weekend and feel like I’ve had no time to “me” what so ever. Those are the weekends or days I need to just remember to take a second and breathe. 

I’m not sure this blog has actually addressed anything….lol  it just came out. So please feel free to comment and leave questions or private email me at to maybe bounce some ideas off of me if you’d like.

Have fun this week finding Happy if that is what you need to do.

Blessings All,

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