Monday, June 23, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Let’s knock a date out of the way.

June 27th is the New Moon. Time to release all that is not serving your highest good!
Let’s dive right in shall we?

What did you do for Summer Solstice?

I spent the day out in my yard planting and mowing. There is nothing like a good day spent outside doing things to enhance nature.
That is also how I celebrated one year in my house. I so love my space!

Anyway, Let’s talk. 

Well I had a few ideas kicking around in my brain as to what to write so let’s just see what comes out.

Do you have one place that recharges your energy? Or what do you do to keep your energy clean? Chakras balanced? What happens when you aren’t balanced?
All good questions… so let’s talk energy today.

The basics:  Your body has 7 major chakras that run from your head to your feet.
These energy centers help keep your energy balanced and flowing properly. When one is off then there is an unbalance in your energy field and this can cause dis-ease. Everything you do throughout your day can have an effect on your energy. The people you interact with or even just make eye contact with can hurt or help your energy.

When you interact with people daily they can plug into your energy and you plug into theirs as well. This interaction created energy cords that tie you to people throughout the day and this drains your energy. So what can you do? Cut the energy cords and do it frequently. When I was first introduced to the cord concept the movie The Matrix popped into my brain. The part where he comes out of his gross slim coved egg shaped cell and is plugged into all those huge black cords. Well that’s what this is kinda. People plug into your aura and drain your energy. So cut those cord so you can feel lighter. 

To cut energy cords from your field… I start at the top of my head and bundle my energy up as if I was pulling my hair into a ponytail. Then I go down all the major charkas bundling up these cords. Now, if you can’t feel the energy or see it, don’t worry; say of a prayer or intent to have your guides help you release all those nasty cords. Okay, once you reach your feet, breathe in and hold your hands up and bend your wrist so that your fingertips touch, take a big breath in and when you forcefully let it out bring your hands down as if they were knives cutting the cords and let them all fall to your feet. Now do the same to the back. When you are done, simply step out of the circle of cords at your feet. No worries, they will disappear to Mother Earth.

The next thing you want to do is learn where it is that charges your energy. Do you get a life when you are out in nature, by the lake, walking the woods, sticking your feet in the ocean? Where is it? Spend some time there and see the changes in your energy. I like to spend time with trees and plants which help to take away any “yuck” energy that I may feel. 

So your homework this week is to pay attention to your energy. When you feel drained cut your cords. Spend time where you can charge your battery.

Happy Destressing!

Have an amazing week All,
Blessings, Wendy

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