Monday, June 30, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Let’s get started shall we? Over the years we’ve talked about everything and anything but I’m not sure we’ve ever covered what you can expect as a client during a session, so this week we are going to look at the client’s point of view.

It is a Reiki practitioner’s job first to make you comfortable. If you for any reason do not feel comfortable with your practitioner, simply switch. Listen to your gut. I have done sessions at client’s homes through home parties and at an office I rented. The office I rented wasn’t comfortable for me. I don’t like to hear other people and their noise when I am working. I have also done sessions at my home where I can control the noise, and at Expos where I can’t control the noise but the energy can be pretty amazing with so many like-minded people in one place.

As a receiver of Reiki it is your job to lay there on the table and relax. If you fall asleep no big deal I’ll wake you up at the end. Some people like when I talk during a session and some want me to wait until the session is over to give them an overview of what I have picked up.

To start a session I will hold your hands while you are sitting on the table and say a Prayer of Intent. This is where I ask everything be done for your highest good.
Next you lay down on the Reiki table. You can have pillows and a blanket if you need them. You will then take three deep breathes in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

I will then begin by opening your aura and hovering my hands over your body getting familiar with your energy. I always work head to toe. I am feeling for stuck energy or unbalanced chakras. To me this feels like pins and needles in my hands. To the client it could feel like nothing, or a sensation of hot or cold. I have had a client report that the energy felt like waves of water. So really it is very different for each individual client. 

As a client I go under quick. When I lay on my Reiki practitioner’s table and she has me take three deep breathes, I’m gone. Many times she will talk me through what she is doing and then I share what I am getting and then low and behold we are having a conversation with my guides, her guides and us. 

People who have been my clients have reported they enter a very relaxed state that continues after we are done. Some clients even have crossed over loved ones come to them as we are working in their session. Others have past lives come through that allow us to work on that life to heal situations in this lifetime. When this happens the two of us share back and forth what we are getting. 

Readings are very different. Just like a Reiki Session I will start with a Prayer of Intent. As a client you will pick whatever deck of angel cards you like best. Then you will shuffle them as much or as little as you wish while thinking of a question or what you would like help with. After I spread them out you will then pick 5 cards. We will then go over each card individually then as a group. During your session as we go through cards you can ask more questions if you wish. During readings clients have had crossed over loved ones come through as well as in Reiki Sessions. When this happens most clients are given things they know to confirm who it is that is trying to come through with a message. At the end of the reading I will ask you the question you were thinking of when you were shuffling the cards and if we covered the question.

I hope this answers some of what can be covered in sessions or readings. Have an amazing Fourth of July. I will be in the U.P. of Michigan visiting friends and some of my favorite places as a kid.

Blessings All,

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