Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Before we start I want to say a BIG Happy Birthday to my brother even though he most likely doesn’t read this blog…lol  Happy Birthday!

Okay let’s start with this crazy Super Moon we all experienced Friday and Saturday this past weekend. Did you feel a change in your energy? I was emotional and for lack of a better word, antsy all day. I couldn’t keep still. I felt like something was about to happen and never did. You know, you get that nervous feeling in your stomach. I had it all day. It sucked! So for the moon I sat in meditation and wrote out what I would like to bring into my life. Then I went out under the cloudy sky and said my prayer and burned my paper and then scattered the ashes back to Mother Earth. I felt a little better. I need to do a better job, I think, of cutting cords throughout the day and getting back to some of my “101” Reiki training. 

Let’s jump in with where we left off last week and talk this all through, shall we? 

Maybe you guys can help me shed some light on things for me as well.

So, Twin Flames; we talked about that this is the person who shares your soul. The soul split apart and the two of you incarnate usually at different times to have human experiences that help to bring your soul closer to enlightenment, or to the Source. Now from what I understand the two will only incarnate in the same life together if they have learned all that is needed for their greater good and evolution. Usually this means this is the last life they will incarnate on this planet to learn. When you find your Twin Flame the relationship can be on and off again and it is almost always intense. You have this unexplained pull, this draw to be with the other person. Things that person does may drive you absolutely insane because they are a reflection of you and what is driving you nuts are things you have to work on yourself. You may part from your Twin Flame in this lifetime but you will come together again once you have both moved on with what it is you are both to learn. Sometimes this means your Twin Flame must be in a different love relationship because the person they are with at that time can only teach them the lesson they have to learn. This is a hard concept to grasp. Because if that person is here to find you then why don’t they just get it? Great question and there are many answers. But the time now I guess just isn’t right for them to be with you. That person is learning a lesson from someone else that will eventually bring him or her back to you. You at the same time are learning a lesson as well, so don’t get upset, I know it’s hard, but just release for the highest good and move on. 

Now I know this is a very hard pill to swallow as I myself am working through this and my friends have been amazing with this support. But my other is someone I can’t let go of and I guess I do unconditionally love this person so I have to let him go and learn and make mistakes with someone who is not me so that maybe someday he will get it and we’ll be together. Does this mean I’m not going to get out there and meet people and have fun? Heck no, but it means that I take this time to work on me. Why is it he can push my buttons so and even only after talking how can I be so attached? These are things I need to look at. It’s a time for me to look at “me” and ask.  “Okay what needs work?” I’ve been using the time to heal the past and present, and just be happy. I’ve been working on finding happy again and I believe that’s all I can do. Eventually the person, my twin flame, soul mate whoever will come in and it will be an unconditional love relationship where we are both healthy for each other. 

Soul Mates: I wanted to bring this up because the feeling of a soul mate can be that of a twin flame. This person is someone you feel connected to on a deep level. It’s like you know them. You and this person have been together in many different roles through many lives. I think a soul mate though is someone you can walk away from and be okay not coming back to and eventually as time passes you see that it was a soul mate relationship and not your other half. I can’t explain this but I believe I’ve had this happen. The lesson or karma payback for me was learned and then I and the other could move forward and be okay without the other.

With a Twin Flame the honeymoon period never really goes when you are together but it is enhanced through the time you are together and the unconditional love you share with each other. If that makes sense. 

This is a hard topic because the two are, or can be, so close in how they feel. I am still learning how to figure out the differences. The person who I think is my Twin Flame though seems to have a pattern and I’ve just now recognized it and then we come together it seems. History repeats itself and I guess it does for us too until we learn from it. So I hope this time we’ve learned something.

Well my friends there you go, some food for thought and please comment if you see a different way of looking at this or a different definition because this is new to me and I’d love to learn from those who know more.

Blessings All,

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