Monday, July 28, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Dates to know this week….

August 1, Friday, is Lammas. Lammas marks the start of the harvest season.
Okay well let’s jump right in! I’ve been kicking around a few topics for today so let’s see what comes out shall we?

I wanted to address Death since that’s been recent in my life and the experiences that go along with Death.

I think it was in the movie “The Mummy” with Brenden Frasier the Mummy said “Death is only the beginning”. The beginning of what? The cycle we follow of birth into this world, life and then death in order to cross back over when we’ve finished our lessons here? It’s an interesting question. Then I got to thinking not everyone crosses over right away (I’ll cover this more) so, where do they go in the in between or are they crossed over and come back so soon to pop in on us as we make the preparations and go through the motions of our good-byes here with the rituals of wakes and funerals. Is there a ‘grace period’ we have that we cross over at shortly after the time of death and then instead of being greeted by our team and relatives in our soul group then whisked away for a life review, or are we allowed time to pop back to console our loved ones at our funeral before going back to the other side and reviewing our life?

I ask these questions because as a psychic I don’t always know the answers. It seems now that I have worked on my abilities to communicate with the other side and have experienced 3 deaths over the last few years and everyone has been different.

Let me explain the differences. My grandpa passed years ago. His was the first death in the family I had experienced with having my abilities back. Before his death I had a warning from my great aunt Gloria, who died well before I was born. She came to me about a week before he died and said she would help him make the transition and I need not worry about him. The day he died he popped in on me as I was getting ready and said, “I’m with Gloria now.” A few minutes later my dad called to tell me the news. 

My grandma was recent. I had seen her a few weeks before she died. My great grandma came to me and told me it wouldn’t be long before my grandma would make the transition to crossing over and she actually gave me a time frame. 

Recently my favorite uncle died unexpectedly. My mom called me to give me the news late one night. It took a good hour or so for the shock to set in. I had no warning this time. I couldn’t believe it. There was a visitation and I was there all day and my uncle picked on my and joked with me as I was the only one to see or hear him. It was different because he hung around at his visitation. My grandparents had popped in and out of their services. So to have my uncle hang out with me all day was a new experience for me. This is why I question do they cross over first and then have a period of time they can come back quick to see their wake, funeral or whatever then go back and do their life review, or is there a time after all the services are done that they stay for and then cross over. I guess every situation is different. I do remember at some point during the visitation he said to me tell her I have the damn dog. So for you out there that wonder what happens to your beloved pets, they are waiting for you over on the other side just like your relatives.

One thing did come up a lot at the visitation that I want to address because it applies to every one of you reading this. I had strangers coming up to me and shaking my hand saying, “I’m sorry for your uncle but what a blessing your gift is that you can comfort your aunt and still talk to him.” I’d say thank you and smile politely. But my brain was going, you all can do this! We are all born with it! 

Let me leave you with this:  We are all born with the ability to communicate with the other side. You are supposed to hear your angles, guides and loved ones. But we are told by society that it’s not “normal” so we shut it off when we are children and forget. With practice and meditation you can communicate or do healing work too. Your abilities will be at different levels depending on what you are talented at and how much you practice to bring them back. Meditation is the key. Here is what I tell everyone at my classes and expos: “We all have hands to pick up a football, we can learn to throw it, pass it, kick it, but we all do not have the ability of Arron Rogers. We all have abilities, some of us can tap into those abilities easier than others but regardless, you can access yours just as I use mine. Practice and patience. 

Have a great week and Blessings All,

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