Monday, September 29, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Let’s get dates out of the way and jump in.

Tuesday Celtic tree month of Ivy begins. 

Today let’s pick up where we left off on chakras and dive into the Solar Plexus. The solar plexus is located right about where your belly button is located. This chakra is all about you and who you are. It’s your ego, your personality and self-confidence. 

Yellow stones and the color yellow help with healing this chakra or stimulating it. Yellow Topaz, Citrine, and Amber are awesome for this chakra.

When you meditate, to check this chakra look at it and ask yourself, is this chakra spinning at its normal rate? Is it bright yellow in color or does it look or feel dirty in areas? To set your chakra back in balance set your intent to clean and balance the chakra with your guides and angels. Then, pull down the universal white light through your crown chakra and down through the chakras to your sacral chakra. Allow the bright, beautiful divine white light clean your sacral chakra and set it spinning at just the right speed. When you feel your chakra is balanced, ground your energy and thank your angels and guides for their assistance.

Halloween is almost upon us. This time of year is always a good reflection time for me. September marks a time when things are winding down. For me though, this month has exploded in the personal growth area for myself. This time of year I’m thinking of Mother Earth and getting back to my tree energy, strange as in Wisconsin fall is in full force and trees are starting their prep work for winter. But I feel drawn back to the energy of the trees. So I encourage you to take this fall time for reflection and where is it you want to be? The key to change in yourself is recognizing what needs to be changed and taking the steps to do it. 

Here across the Mid-West the expos are starting up. I plan on being at a few this winter. This fall I’m taking time to work my energy over and make some changes. 

Have an amazing week.

Blessings All,

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