Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

To confess, I was going to skip this week. This weekend has been a very difficult weekend for me energy wise. But I’m being nagged to write so even though it’s late Sunday for me and this may be held until Tuesday I am writing because I’m told it needs to be done. So I’m guessing one of you is where I am and needs to hear whatever comes out. LOL. Must be time to channel this one.

We will go through some dates first.

Mercury is in retrograde. Happy Joy…sigh…  This means if you feel snippy and nothing electronically is working, well, here’s your excuse Mercury is in retro for the next three weeks.

Wednesday this week is the full moon. Time to manifest what it is you wish for to come into your life. This could also be a great night to use the moon’s full energy to help you make a decision if you ask what it is that will make you happy or enhance your life to meet your life’s lessons. This is not something to be taken lightly. This is a night where you can boost your energy to help match the energy of what you want to attract to you. So put it out there. I will be burning my intentions of what it is I wish to attract. 

Remember, do not use the word want because want is a “lack of” and you will only get more of a lack of.

Okay let’s get into this shall we? With the moon full and we are all thinking manifesting, let’s also talk about surrender and release. Letting go of control. Not an easy thing to do. This is a hard pill to swallow and one I had to learn and get over this weekend. And believe me, it was painful. Divine Timing goes right along with this. What is Divine Timing, you ask? Well let’s go right to the cards shall we. In most of my readings I like to use Angle Cards created by Doreen Virtue. The deck I use is Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. According to the book that is included with the deck, Divine Timing means everything operates according to the Universal Laws of Divine Timing. If you think of life as a puzzle, then certain pieces of that puzzle have to fit together before others. If you try to skip or force a piece the entire foundation will lack and not be strong or solid. 

Things in life happen in the time they are supposed to happen and when we push or try to force things we would like to happen we end up pushing them away from us. The only true way to obtain what it is we would like for our highest good is to surrender and release it to Jesus, God, or the Universe to help heal it and see if it comes back as we would like it to, or if better will come into our lives for having released it. This is also a surrender of control but really, what is control but an illusion. 

We make choices and things happen based on those choices. That’s something to get you thinking. 

Okay, well that’s all I have for this week as I am trying to rest and recover, but this had to come out so I’m betting one of you out there needed some piece of this information.

Blessings All,

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