Monday, October 13, 2014

Mystic Monday

Due to Wendy being on retreat this past weekend and not getting home until late, Mystic Monday will return next week.

Don’t forget you can purchase the eBook copy, or a print copy of Mystic Monday the Book to help you with any questions you have, better understanding or simply to remind you of things. A great reference book for the beginner!

In 2011, I was asked by author, Savannah Rayne, to do a weekly spot on her blog…and “Mystic Monday” was born. Since then, each and every Monday I have shared a collection of beginner’s basics with our readers, including what I have studied, the knowledge I have gained, and what I have come to practice since my days of being a Reiki student. I am now a Reiki Master. In addition, as a child I realized I had the capabilities to communicate with earth-bound spirits. This book combines my personal experiences with both of my gifts into one place, to help those who seek to learn more about Reiki, and the after-life.

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Blessings All and have a great week!

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