Monday, October 27, 2014

Mystic Monday

Happy and Blessed Samhain!

Today’s blog is nothing but fun Halloween facts.

Halloween is the second grossing holiday after Christmas.

Samhain is the last of the harvest festivals marking the beginning of winter and the end of the harvest season. It is a time when it is believed that spirits and fairies can easily move throughout our world. There is a belief that souls of the dead could revisit their homes. Places at the dinner table were often set for the dead to welcome them home for the night.

Carving pumpkins is an American thing. In the U.K. and Ireland they historically carve turnips and potatoes. 

Did you know pumpkins come in other colors? Green, yellow, red, white, and blue are some other color varieties other than orange.

Souling is a tradition of going door to door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for soul cakes and other treats.

Mumming is a tradition of parading in costume while chanting and play acting.

Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

50 percent of children prefer their Halloween candy to be chocolate. (Smart kids) 24 percent prefer non chocolate and 10 percent prefer gum.

Ireland is thought to be the birthplace of Halloween.

If a person wears his or her clothes inside out and walks backwards on Halloween it was believed they would see a witch at midnight.

Both Salem, MA and Anoka, MN are self-proclaimed Halloween capitals of the world. Okay, really in my book Salem hands down! Sorry MN you may be a “safe and family friendly” place for Halloween, but Salem has the haunted history in my opinion.

In the U.K. people would dress up in disguise and go from house to house singing in exchange for food. Some went house to house threatening mischief if not welcomed.

Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.

Snickers bars are ranked #1 for Halloween candy.

Hope you all found these facts I found on the internet to be fun. Have a safe and Spooky Halloween!

Next week we start with scrapping the 101 stuff and moving a little deeper with the blog.

Blessings All,

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