Monday, November 3, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Before we start the new blog going a little deeper then working on basic subjects, I’d like to get some free plugs out of the way and some dates.

Cox Ford in New Richmond, WI. Big shout out to my new Ford team there! Who would have guessed a small town dealer could make the deal on my high mileage car and get me into something new with giving me more than what I owed on my car. These boys went above and beyond to make the sale and I love my new car. It’s such a blessing. So if you are in a pickle with your old car, go to Cox Ford (say hi to Kevin, Samantha and Tony) and tell them you read about them here. Amazing people! I can’t wait to take it in for my first oil change and check out the service department.

Okay with that said dates you should know:

Tuesday the 4th don’t for get to get out and VOTE!  

Thursday the 6th is the Full Moon. Manifesting is in full energy!

This weekend I was at an expo in Shell Lake, WI with Body Lab USA. I took a friend and we went up for the day so I could get worked on by an intuitive healer and have trapped emotions released with magnets. Always an awesome session. The expo really reminded me this weekend on taking back my power and energy. Not only that, but the memories your cells carry from lifetime to lifetime.

This week I want to introduce you to the concept of taking back your power and maybe we will touch on past life healing since some of what I experienced this weekend was in that area as well.

Let’s go back a little before we move forward. We’ve talked in the past about energy cords that you put out to people you come into contact with throughout your day and how people can plug in their energy cords to you. We’ve also discussed ways to clear yourself of these cords and how frequently you should clear yourself of cords.

Basically whenever you feel drained you should sever the cords. So with that in mind, have you ever felt after someone you are close to has left that part of you has gone with that person? What about a person that comes into your life and you recognize some connection with him or her and then you have this pattern of in and out they circle in and out all the time? Well it’s time to take back your energy from this person and give their energy back to help stop the cycle or to change it. 

We are going to have to meditate on all this so get to your meditative state. Set your room up distraction free. Turn off that phone. Set your intention for your meditation asking for protection as you journey.

Ready? Close your eyes and take your three deep relaxing breaths in through your nose and out your mouth. See before you a path through the woods. A brown trail of dirt cuts a path through tall trees of maple, pine, oak and anything you can think of. The forest floor is covered with flowers and small trees. Step out onto the path and start walking, taking in the fresh air of the forest and relaxing with every breath. As you walk you see a change in the light as it comes down from the sky to your path. You see a clearing just ahead. Take a breath and step out into the clearing and describe what you are seeing. Where are you? Who are you with? Ask yourself what is it I need to see in this place and time? Do not judge or try to look too hard just let things play out. Can you identify any of the people or the bonds between them? Can you name them from that life to this one? Or are you in this life and you are being shown the person you are connected to or left some of your energy with? If you are able to sense your energy simply tell the other person you are there to take back the part of yourself/energy they have been given. Absorb that energy back to yourself and thank them for allowing you to retrieve it. Then look at yourself and see or feel if you have any of their energy and give it back to them. Then put a white light around both of you to help you heal and seal it in. Then when you are ready, step back onto your path through the woods and walk back to your starting point. When you are ready wiggle your toes and fingers and slowly get up as to not get a head rush.

Take notice as to how you are feeling. Do you feel like you need to do more work?  If so do the steps outlined above.

When you are done with your work give thanks to your guides and angels for keeping you safe as you worked. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Remember to cut your cords as many times as you need to during your day.

Past life memories affecting this life and body. You can also use meditation to take you back to a lifetime in which you gained an ache or pain. Set your intention to go back to the life in which you gained the memory of the pain. Start by focusing on the area of the body that you are wanting to work with. Then look within yourself and ask to be shown where the pain originated. Once you are shown the place and time of the original pain, heal it with energy. Guide energy to the spot in the body fusing your tissue, bones and skin, filling the area with the universal white light. When you are done seal the area in white light and slowly come back moving your body slowly and getting up slowly. Take note of how you feel. Again thank your guides and angels and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Next week we will start talking about the shadow self and working with the shadow to heal on an emotional level.

Until next week, Blessings All.

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